Chefology Classes

**Due to COVID-19, Chefology classes will now be held online. We appreciate and offer understanding and support through this time.

Students CookingCHEFOLOGY is a fresh new twist on traditional cooking classes! Providing an entirely hands-on, private learning experience guided by our cutting-edge chefs, all in the comfort of your own home.

Each experience features an introductory demo followed by interactively preparing recipes alongside our chefs. Indulge on your own creations!

Come up with your own menu you’ve been aching to learn or follow one based on the gourmand chef’s experience in making menus just for you!

Samples of Classes Offered:

  • Sushi Making
    • Make your own rolls at home, just the way you like them.
  • Food and Wine Pairing
    • Multiple course meals each paired with it’s own wine.
  • Dinner Parties
    • Including Hors D’oeurves, sides, and killer entrees.
  • Wedding Showers
    • From cooking for one, to two.
  • Baby Showers
    • Group Lessons on how to cook healthy and tasty meals for the little ones.
  • Keto Cooking
    • Finally get cooking for your diet right!
  • Diet and Lifestyle Cooking
    • Avoiding fats? How about Gluten? Find the substitutions you’ve been waiting for!
  • Romantic Meals
    • Learn the power of Aphrodisiacs, and serve up something fun for Date Night.
  • Couples Cooking Lessons
    • An alternative date night.
  • Group Lessons
    • Don’t be the only one your friends and family ask for dishes for at the potluck!